Harshit Sikchi

Harshit Sikchi

  Computer Science @ Carnegie Mellon



I am a Master’s student in Computer Science (2019-20) at the School of Computer Science, CMU. I work at Robot Perceiving and Doing lab adviced by Prof. David Held at CMU. I am interested in Reinforcement Learning algorithms and currently investigating how we can ensure safety in presence of approximation errors and model uncertainty.
In the summer of 2020, I worked on Motion Planning problems at Uber ATG . I worked on Reinforcement Learning fot large action spaces during my prior internship at NVIDIA and spent some time at ETH Zurich working on Semantic Segmentation. Prior to this, I received my Bachelor’s degree in CS from the Department of Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. My studies at IIT Kharagpur were supported by the Aditya Birla Scholarship (2015-19). In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and traveling around the world. I spent most of time at IIT Kharagpur working on Autonomous cars at the Autonomous Ground Vehicle Lab under supervision of Professor Debashis Chakrvarty. I worked on the perception and planning module, working on Lane Detection, Frenet Planner, Hybrid A* Planner and Segmentation. I completed my bachelor thesis on Safe Reinforcement Learning with Professor Pabitra Mitra.


Here are some of the presentations for recent projects:.


Here are some of the projects I have worked on:.